Cardboard layer, inserts, fillings

    Examples of models of cardboard layer, inserts, fillings

    Interior equipment boxes

    We provide our clients with durable cardboard protectors that ensure the safe storage of goods in a carton.


    Protectors outside their main security function can also be used to sort goods that will be packed into the carton.


    Individual protector models can separate products in layers. We provide our clients with the possibility of producing protectors in any shape, size and weight.


    Offer of cardboard protectors and inserts

    We offer a wide range of interior furnishings for boxes, including:

    • inserts,
    • cardboard layer,
    • crates,
    • filling pads.


    Cardboard inserts

    The main purpose of the cardboard inserts is to secure the product, filling the empty space with cardboard material. Cardboard inserts are used primarily during the transport of products, because then the products are particularly vulnerable to mechanical damage such as denting, pressing, scratching. Another function of cardboard inserts is to separate individual batches of products from each other. The cardboard insert may consist of one or more layers of cardboard that are permanently connected to each other.


    Cardboard layer

    Cardboard layer

    Thanks to cardboard layer, we can separate the product layers, which makes the product stiffened on the pallet. This solution can be found in supermarkets between layers of various assortments.


    Thanks to the clever use of compartments, the final customer can easily find his favorite flavor of the product in the unit's packaging on the store's shelf.


    Cardboard layer are sheets of corrugated board, which are used to translate individual layers of stored or transported goods. Cardboard layer are commonly used on euro-pallets to delimit individual pallet layers. Cardboard layer can also be used to secure and reinforce the walls or bottoms of cardboard packaging. Cardboard layer are also used in activities not directly related to the storage of goods. Perfect for renovation works, protecting the floor or wall from dirt or damage.


    We offer a wide selection of cardboard inserts of various thickness. At the customer's special request, we can cut the cardboard to a specific size.


    Filling pads

    Filling pads

    The main task of the filling inserts is to depreciate products placed in cardboard boxes. Filling pads can also protect products from moisture.


    We provide the opportunity to produce fillers of any size, which will be adapted to the specific size of the boxes. We manufacture filler pads that ensure an economical and safe filling of the packaging.



    We specialize in the production of cardboard dividers, which enable effective separation of fragile products that are characterized by low resistance to damage and mechanical damage. The dividers produced by us can also be used to separate, sort or display products. Read more about the cardboard trusses that are in our offer.


    Cardboard layer, inserts and fillings for cardboard boxes Cardboard layer for separating goods in cartons Trusses and cardboard cartridges


    When to use cardboard layer and fillings?

    Elements from the fefco catalog from the 900 model are usually used to stabilize the product and additionally secure it. Fillings clearly indicate how and where a given product should be in the packaging. It is helpful when we want the element to be placed in the packaging at a certain angle. It is also worth using them when the top of the element is more fragile or if you want to separate different elements in one package.


    Ecological raw materials

    They can also be fulfilled as a good ecological organizer used once from point A to B or a reusable use eg on the shelf of the warehouse.


    Production of cardboard cardboard layer

    These products can be made without specialized cutting dies (templates). If necessary, we can also cut out appropriate cuts or kinks to more accurately match the goods.

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