Cardboard displays

    The main purpose of the displays is, as the name suggests, displaying the products in it.


    Full personalization cardboard displays for customer needs

    The displays are therefore an excellent marketing medium, used primarily in retail trade. It is a perfect solution to distinguish the product from the thicket of others that are on store shelves.


    Carton displays can be given any shape and thanks to the appropriate graphics you can get an interesting alternative to sell your product.


    Manufacturer of cardboard displays

    Thanks to the fact that we are a producer, we can make it for You in any form and size. We offer sizes for table tops and pallets. We produce:


    • advertising stands,
    • boards,
    • samplers,
    • displays,
    • racks,
    • promotional wrappers,
    • sales shelves,
    • other, for example, Christmas trees, Easter bunnies.
    Additional equipment cardboard display stands


    Displays can be equipped with numerous elements, such as:


    • 1. shelves,
    • 2. hooks for hanging the product,
    • 3. pockets for leaflets,
    • 4. trusses (barriers) for separation.

    Attractive and stable advertising displays

    We produce high quality displays that catch eye with their attractive appearance and shape. We make sure that they ensure the safety of the goods and encourage them to use it. We are producing them in any needed size and shape. We can produce displays made of cardboard, corrugated and laminated cardboard. They are produced for the Customer's individual needs, in accordance with the provided design.


    Secured shipment

    Secured shipment

    Dispatchers delivered to the customer are carefully packed to protect them from damage or damage in transit.


    Elegant and attractive design of advertising displays

    In order for the displays ordered by you to attract the attention of new customers, we make attractive prints on them. In the first stage, we can prepare for you the visualization of a complex 3D display. On this basis, you can suggest any modifications and corrections, so that the product fully meets your expectations.


    We make flexographic imprints and imprint in CMYK technology. We apply both simple, single-color prints and advanced, multi-colored graphic designs. We also offer the possibility of producing displays with offset printing - laminated, which will delight with high quality printing and color intensity. An additional protective layer protects the print and ensures high durability of the displays.


    Production of cardboard display stands Cardboard displays Models of corrugated board displays


    Displays made of solid and corrugated cardboard

    We produce displays made of solid and corrugated cardboard with the following parameters:

    • Corrugated 3-layer wave E, B, C, F - weight from 280 gr / m2 to 710 gr / m2. Thickness of cardboard from 2 - 4 mm (due to one wave, it happens that customers call this raw material with single-layer cardboard).
    • Corrugated 5-layer wave BC EB EF EE, grammage from 480 gr / m2 to 1450 gr / m2 from 4 mm to 7 mm (due to two waves, it happens that customers call this raw material with double-layer cardboard).
    • 4-layer corrugated board with visible external wave EB FE EE from 3 mm to 4 mm.
    • Laminated corrugated cardboard - thickness depending on the wave type. Lamination is nothing but the refinement of cardboard, as a result of gluing it with thin paper. Lamination is usually performed for technical or decorative purposes..
    • Recycled solid or bleached cardboard from 350 - 600 gr / m2 thickness 0.5 mm - 2 mm


    Order time and realization

    Implementation 8-12 days

    We complete typical orders within 8-12 business days.
    Production time depends on the availability of the raw material and the complexity of the production process.


    We inform each client fairly about the expected period of the order. Customers can also buy many models of typical cartons with standard sizes, which are permanently available in our warehouse.


    Packing and transport

    We are open to the needs of customers in the field of packaging and transportation of ordered products. The most popular packaging methods are:

    • boxes
    • large collection boxes
    • palette

    Packages can consist of 10 - 20 pieces of unit packages. In the case of pallets, we use standard pallet models that ensure their easy transport.


    Waps-kart offers the following types of delivery or storage:


    • Personal collection
    • Own transport
    • External transport
    • Storing goods in our warehouses


    Do you want to know the cost estimate of your order?

    We will evaluate your project within 48 hours

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