Print on cardboard boxes

    >Print on cardboard boxes


    We recommend the service of printing on cardboard boxes. Thanks to this, your packaging will gain an original and attractive appearance.


    Depending on your needs, we can print on the packaging a logo or a more complex graphic design in the CMYK palette.



    We have great possibilities in the field of prints. Our prints are characterized by high durability and high quality.


    Advantages of prints on cardboard boxes

    Printing on the packaging allows you to increase the visibility of the brand.


    Prints on packaging are used in every industry. They can be used both on unitary cartons and bulk packages.


    Making printed on the cartons Applying prints on cardboard boxes Cartons and packaging with print


    In the case of unitized cartons, this solution is particularly recommended for goods that are intended for sale. The attractive appearance of the card attracts the attention of the potential customer, which directly increases the chances of selling the product.


    Noverprint facilitating recognition of cardboard boxes

    The great advantage of printed cartons is the ease in recognizing the contents of cartons, which in turn translates into easier transport and storage of goods.


    High quality of printing

    We place great importance on the precision of printing and its durability. Thanks to this, you can be sure that our prints will perfectly match the project sent by you. At the Customer's request, we can make one-color or multicolour printing.


    Types of printing:

    Flexographic printing
    We specialize in flexographic printing. It is a convex printing technique. Convex dies are used for printing. The use of the flexographic printing technique allows for a very attractive end result. The imprint is made by employees who have many years of printing experience and have excellent knowledge of the flexographic printing method.
    The application of the laminating method allows to achieve an extremely precise printing effect, which can additionally be enriched with concave embossing, embossing, gilding or additional varnish. Lamination is a method of printing recommended to people who expect to get an amazing effect and attract the attention of the recipients.


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