Cardboard grids


    examples paper crates


    What is a cardboard grid?

    Cardboard grids are used to protect elements of various sizes, packed into boxes, placed on a pallet.
    Cardboard grids cause that the products do not bump into each other, and also strengthen the box structure.


    Application of cardboard grid

    They are most often used to separate bottles, jars, candles and other delicate goods from each other. We can also meet them in the company of baubles, carafes, neckties, but also electronic components or blinds.


    The grids are also used in the proper display of the goods, eg the divider straps will be beautifully presented separated by a decorative truss.


    The introduction of the 5s rule is becoming more and more popular in Polish companies, especially in production. These principles are designed to maintain a high-quality job position and consist essentially of: five steps:


    • S - sorting
    • S - systematics
    • S - sanitary
    • S - standardization
    • S - self-discipline


    Cardboard grids are great for this role.
    They allow you to easily sort items. In addition, we offer the possibility of printing on dividers.


    Thanks to signing, marking specific partitions, we can easily find a given partition without losing time and will help us in the sorting of various elements, parts or products.


    Do I need a cardboard grid?

    When deciding to use grids for bulk packaging of your products, you can often opt out of unit packaging, so that you can pack more products in the packaging and they will be much better protected and exposed.


    The use of a grid to package the product for shipment via a courier company will secure your shipment against any damage.



    Will you fit the cardboard grids to the packaging that I already have?

    We manufacture dividers in every size.


    Adaptation to customer needs

    The size of the cardboard grids the number of its fields, and height match exactly to the customer's needs and products to be found in the grid walls.


    In our output we have tiny crates, for example for bottles with nail varnishes, but we also make very large specimens, e.g. elements of car engines.

    Paper crates fefco 932
    The way of folding cardboard grate on the example of Fefco 932


    My products are extremely fragile, can cardboard grid be used here?

    Definitely yes. We make grids from solid cardboard as well as from 3-, 4- and 5-layer cardboard. It allows us to properly choose the type of cardboard for the items that the grid should protect. The use of corrugated boards gives the possibility of constructing a grid to create some kind of airbags, which can additionally protect exceptionally fragile objects.


    In addition, to protect the goods against cardboard dusting, wiping patterns with a rough surface, we foil or paint the carton before cutting the cardboard grids.


    Przykładowe modele kratownic w pudłach kartonowych Kratownice z kartonu Kratownice z tektury litej i falistej


    Can I use the divider repeatedly?

    Yes. Our cardboard grids have specially designed locks that do not decompose spontaneously after folding, additionally strengthening with foil or varnish gives the effect of durability.


    Do you want to know the cost estimate of your order?

    We will evaluate your project within 48 hours

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